Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

Gregg wonders what goes on in a baby's mind
Gregg wonders what goes on in a baby's mind

Last Sunday we went to our little niece’s naming ceremony.

I’d never been to a naming ceremony before but I believe it has the same relationship to a Christening as a civil marriage ceremony has to a wedding in a church.

As with all of these occasions it’s a great time to see people you haven’t seen in ages and come together to celebrate something that’s actually worth celebrating.

There’s no talk of doom and gloom for a few hours, the world’s politics aren’t put to rights – everyone has a drink and a good time.

There was something I noticed on Sunday though, in between the glasses of wine, the mini spring rolls and the incredibly moist cake – and that’s that babies seem to be fascinated by other children.

It’s not something that occurred to me before. Do they see them as little adults?

Are they fascinated by them like they are with dogs? Do they even realise they’re part of the same species as them?

The idea of what goes on inside that developing six-month-old brain is fascinating.

We showed her a photo of herself the other day and she laughed and clapped – did she know it was her or just think another baby was smiling back at her?

This could be the start of a long road that ends with her photo on the front of every newspaper and magazine in the land! You never know…

It’s one of life’s answered mysteries.

You never know what goes on the mind of a babe.

By the time we’re old enough to understand psychology we can’t remember being that young.

It doesn’t matter though, does it?

As long as they’re healthy, happy and wave their hands at the right moment in the Master of Ceremonies’ speech then you can’t ask for more.

I spent ages trying to think of a “naming day” gift for Darcey... something unique.

In the end I settled for a newspaper column... I just hope the print is still there in 30 years!