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Bob Godfrey died last week. Chances are you don’t have a clue who Bob Godfrey is but, mark my words, he was a huge influence on pre-pubescent me.

When I was four or five years old I had books, videos, records – the lot.

Bob Godfrey is the man who drew Henry’s Cat and I was a fan.

He’ll probably be best remembered for the ever-brawling cat and dog Roobarb and Custard, but for me it was all about Henry’s Cat.

The 1984 annual was one of my most prized possessions as I made the long journey from pre-school to infants.

It was sad to hear about Godfrey’s passing, but a great excuse to dig out my Henry’s Cat Sings the Hits CD – complete with a rousing rendition of Barbie Girl.

Henry’s Cat hasn’t been my only blast-from-the-past recently.

I’ve been doing a crash diet ahead of holiday and, desperate for some kind of tasty snack to take my mind off it, I discovered that at some point, some genius decided to re-introduce Scampi ‘N Lemon Nik Naks.

They were the corn snack that split the nation back in the 1990s.

You either thought they were the most delicious thing on Earth or the stinkiest snack ever invented.

They were the Marmite of the crisp world and, as with that thick black toast topper, I loved them.

They’re not as strong as they used to be, and not quite as tasty as pub-favourite Scampi Fries but it was a real treat to rediscover them.

Do you remember any of the following?

They were all popular in the late 80s/early 90s and I’d love to see them again… Walkers Bitza Pizza (pizza shaped and flavoured crisps), Cadbury’s Secret (like a chocolate Shredded Wheat with mousse in the middle) and my favourite, Fish N Chips biscuits.

They were the business and were always a home-time treat.

I may not have grown up at the healthiest time for snacks, but they were certainly delicious!