Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

Gregg found Pears with Stilton Cheers a little hard to stomach
Gregg found Pears with Stilton Cheers a little hard to stomach

Considering Britain is a small island, it amazes me that there’s still so much of it I haven’t seen.

When I went to Inverness to run the marathon 15 months ago it was my first time in Scotland.

I’ve never seen Cheddar Gorge, haven’t experienced the Lake District and haven’t so much as inhaled the air in Manchester or Swansea.

Last weekend I went to the Peak District for the first time.

I’d been to Derby before but I’d never ventured into the depths of the national parks there.

We went walking in Dovedale and marvelled at the fact that, to our left, the hills were still covered with fresh snow while, on the right, spring was beginning to poke through the icy blanket.

The scenery was amazing and the drive superb but the absolute highlight was the hotel.

I’m not as bad as some when it comes to complaining about bad spelling and grammar but I’m a firm avocado that things should be proof-read before they get published.

When we checked into the charming little inn we found a brochure in the bedroom that listed all of the local amenities, the health and safety info for the site and the dinner menu for the restaurant.

You may be excited to hear that we could have had a wonderful starter of “Pears with Stilton Cheers” – I imagine this to be little slices of blue cheese doing a Mexican wave on the plate.

If the “Stilton Cheers” isn’t to your liking then there are lots of things “simular”, including a pasta dish that can be served “with out-meat”.

I presume this means anything that isn’t offal.

As it happens the food in the restaurant was outstanding and the service second-to-none.

I just can’t believe that between the hotel and the printers, nobody noticed these glaring errors!

Incidentally I’ve included one, on purpose, in this column – can you spot it? Bet you avo-can!