Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

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AAout 10 minutes before deciding what to write about this week I came across a photograph on the net that I thought was from some big-budget sci-fi movie.

It turned out that it was a genuine shot of the Rover that took off about 14 months ago and, during 2012, landed on Mars and started to explore.

I’m not a technological or scientific person. I’d love to be, but I’m not.

Everything remotely futuristic amazes me, so the very fact that the Rover is equipped with a ‘mastcam’ and a ‘chemcam’ and what looks like a giant radio aerial is remarkable.

The idea, I think, is that it’s trying to find whether there are any patches of land that could contain life, any parts of the atmosphere that could sustain life, and whether the Justice Collective could make it to this year’s Christmas Number One.

I don’t know what the Rover is going to find, but how clever are we for getting it there in the first place? Sure we probably don’t have the same technology as the Martians it’s hoping to discover, but when you consider it’s only relatively recently we thought both the Earth was flat and that Kevin Bacon had a conscience (we’ve seen those ads, Kevin) it shows how far we’ve come.

There’s even more planned for 2013, you know. China are going to attempt to send an unmanned rocket to the Moon, Nasa is going to send an exploratory craft to Venus and, in November, India are going to launch their own probe to Mars.

So could 2013 be the year we find out more about this amazing universe then we ever have before? Will David Bowie finally get the question answered that he posed in his hit song all those years ago? Or will it be just like the Truman Show, and will one of those ships hit the edge and find out it’s all been a game all along?

Only time… and space… will tell…