Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

Gregg's new hobby is people-watching
Gregg's new hobby is people-watching

If you’re ever walking through the town centre in Kettering, Corby or Wellingborough and you notice someone giving you an unusual look from a coffee shop window, there’s an outside chance that it could be me.

I apologise in advance. I love people-watching, you see. It’s a fascinating hobby.

I think you can make up your mind about the life someone leads just by those few seconds that you observe them for.

You see a 30-something lady with a pristine haircut and brand new boots rushing past the window – is she late for a meeting or running off to meet her bit on the side while her hubby sits at home cooking dinner?

Is the young lad wearing an ill-fitting suit off to a job interview or a parole hearing? People are so complex, so remarkable, that the possibilities are endless.

The Stereophonics recorded a song called Traffic once – literally a song about looking around you in a traffic jam and playing out the lives of the other people who are stuck there too.

What I find most interesting about people watching though is that moment when you make eye contact.

You have no idea who the attractive blonde or the old gentleman are who have just walked past the window, but for that split second that you make eye contact you are the only people in each other’s worlds. That’s it – just the two of you and the universe.

I love statistics – and the world has a population of nearly seven billion people. Seven billion.

That’s like one person for every Director General the BBC has had this year (well, nearly).

Every single one of us is different, from the music we like to the books we read, from the clothes we buy to the DNA that runs through our bodies.

We are absolute miracles of evolution and should give ourselves more credit for it.

There’s something to ponder while you’re sat in Starbucks or Bewitched watching the world go by…