Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

It amazes me when a new song comes out that I absolutely love because I can’t quite work out how there are still new ideas.

There are new genres of music being created every year and every so often a ground-breaking, award-winning song will be released.

It’s the same for books and films too – just when you think you’ve seen it all something truly original comes and knocks your socks off.

I mention this because, as you know, it’s Halloween next week and that invariably means a glut of terrible new horror movies being released.

We get it every year around this time – the annual scary movie franchises (previously Saw, now Paranormal Activity) present their latest offering while the television is full of all 26 parts of the Friday the 13th saga.

While I was away for my brother’s wedding last weekend I popped into a DVD shop and chuckled at the display they had set up for Halloween.

It included such imaginative titles as Cockneys vs Zombies, Sharktopus, Dinoshark and my personal favourite Dinocroc vs Supergator.

You may think these sound like 1970s B movies but they were all produced in the past couple of years.

I’ve not seen any of these films but I would imagine they’re all pretty similar, they have no particular plotline and the acting is abysmal.

They’re all the qualities that make a great horror movie and I’m sure the franchises will roll on for years – Roboceratops vs Mutant-rex anyone?

By the way, I don’t know if you remember but last week I said I was off to my brother’s wedding.

It took place at a mansion in the Berkshire countryside and one of the guests was an American lady who’d never been to England before.

She loves Downton Abbey and was speechless that my wife and I come from the same area as Brendan Coyle – AKA Mr Bates.

Brendan is officially a sex symbol across the pond! There’s hope for me yet!