Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

Gregg is preparing for his first best man's speech
Gregg is preparing for his first best man's speech

If you’re an older sibling you’ll understand what I mean when I say that you still can’t get over the fact that your younger brother or sister isn’t a kid any more.

It’s especially true if, like in the case of my brother and me, there’s half a decade between you in age.

By the time I was grown up and moved away from home my brother wasn’t even at GCSE age so in the back of my mind he’s eternally 13.

It makes it all the more bizarre that he’d getting married this weekend so I’ll be hot-footing it down south to celebrate with him.

What’s even more bizarre is that, for the first time in my life, I’ve been assigned the role of ‘best man’.

The key part of the best man job is, of course, the writing of the speech.

You would have thought this would be a doddle for me – I’ve got an unpublished novel, a collection of lyrics and poetry, a script for the pilot episode of a TV show and years of newspaper column and radio writing under my belt – but I can honestly say I’ve never found anything so challenging.

Writing a best man’s speech requires the perfect mix of humour and the heart-felt.

It needs to be a blend of “make ‘em laugh” and “make ‘em cry” and it has to be brief enough to keep everyone’s interest.

The truth is that a poor best man speech could turn a great day into an absolute nightmare!

In the end I gave up trying. Every time I sat down with the intention of writing it my mind went blank.

I kept my fingers crossed and hoped that something would inspire me and then completely randomly about two weeks ago while I was walking through Kettering Market Place, it came to me.

I ran to the nearest computer and within half an hour I had a masterpiece that James Joyce would be proud of.

Of course, if it goes down badly I’ll just blame it on the template I found online!