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Gregg Nunney
Gregg Nunney

Don’t you love it when your favourite film is one that people have never heard of.

You get stared at with a raised eyebrow and treated to a slight shake of the head when you mention Mutant Killer Rabbits (I actually came up with that idea when I was ten years old…) or Robo-Badger. Anyway.

In the lead-up to World Cup 1998 there was a TV movie on the BBC called My Summer with Des.

It starred Neil Morrissey, Rachel Weisz, John Gordon Sinclair and the actual Des Lynam and, for me, it ranks as one of my favourite movies of all time.

It’s set during Euro ’96 when football actually came home to England.

It’s a rom-com, it encapsulates 1990s Brit-Pop Britain and if it ever comes out on DVD I will replace my tatty VHS copy immediately.

Funnily enough, though, the thing that has stuck with me about that film isn’t Cast and Oasis on the soundtrack, it isn’t Gazza’s goal against Scotland and it isn’t a ‘kids-look-away’ cameo from Jimmy Hill.

It’s a quote from Rachel Weisz – one that is probably my favourite movie line of all time.

She says “you can either look outside and say ‘oh… it’s raining’ or you can look outside and say ‘oh! It’s raining!”

Neil Morrissey replies to this with a cynical barrage of expletives and says it doesn’t make sense – and he’s right.

It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but as you go through life and start to learn and gain experience it could be the most important lesson you’ll learn.

Life throws rubbish at you – we all know that – whether it’s something as simple as a rain shower or something far more character defining.

Last week I was caught in a downpour in Leicester and for the first time I didn’t run for cover. I was soaked to the skin – but I felt alive!

What the effortlessly beautiful star of The Mummy was trying to say is that you can either look at life’s problems as a setback or as a challenge.

Life really is what you make it. Either that or it really is just a film about Des Lynam…