Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

You can't beat a good British fete, says Gregg
You can't beat a good British fete, says Gregg

If there’s one thing that we do rather well in this country, it is summer fetes and carnivals.

Working in the local media, I’ve spent a fair proportion of the past 15 years attending them and my experiences have ranged from commentating on a pet show to an audience of a dozen on an old school field to introducing Jason Donovan in front of some 10,000 people.

Last weekend I did something that I hadn’t done since I was at school, though – I manned a stall!

I forgot quite how much hard work went in to looking after a stall, but it made me realise that I have a knack for wheeling and dealing.

When I was a kid we used to sell our bric-a-brac at car boot sales on a regular basis but I don’t think that I ever made much money as I did selling cakes!

Whether it was the fact it was all in aid of a good cause last weekend, or whether I’ve just got better at sales patter I don’t know… but the pennies were rolling in.

I was one of a few looking after the baked goods stall at the annual Pen Green Children’s Centre Family Fun Day in Corby. And I’m pleased to say that we very nearly sold out by the end.

In fact we had such a rush that we very nearly sold out before we even opened!

I don’t know whether it’s those years of training for public speaking that did it, but I turned into a right Del Boy by the end of it.

The weekend before last I was compering Oundle Carnival, which looked for a while like it would fall foul to the weather.

Half an hour or so before the event started there was a downpour that was so intense that I had to run for cover in a coffee shop.

The sun came out though and the Olympic theme went down a treat – especially the local primary school children who dressed as Ancient Greeks.

This summer looks set to be even busier than most.

Not only do I have Parties in the Park in Wellingborough and Rushden, Kettering by the Sea and a whole host of carnivals to come – I also have to fit in about half a dozen weddings between now and the end of October!

How did so many people I know come to get married in one year?

Oh, and in case you wondered, the irony wasn’t lost on any of us.

A bloke called Gregg looking after a baked goods stall?

If only I’d have the foresight to copyright the name!