Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

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So we’re all but one third of the way through the – as the media like to call it – ‘Summer of Sport’.

We do that in this country by the way; we give things titles so that we can appreciate them better.

You’ll notice that if anything bad ever happens, the press will attach the word ‘…gate’ to the end of it.

Cappellogate, Levesongate… I’m waiting for a scandal involving Microsoft that they can call Bill Gatesgate.

The Summer of Sport started in Warsaw a fortnight ago when Poland drew with Greece in Euro 2012 and it will end on Sunday September 9th when the Paralympics draw to a close.

In between we can expect to taste defeat and victory in equal measure. To begin with, and very briefly, here’s my take on England’s Euro 2012 campaign.

1)We did much better than I expected us to do.

2)Roy Hodgson is starting to build a team who in future tournaments can really compete.

3)In actual time we won two and drew two – not a bad result for a bunch of no hopers.

4)Penalties are penalties – complete luck. All the hate for Ashley Cole is disgraceful

With that out of the way we can move onto Wimbledon.

At the point I write this, Andy Murray hasn’t picked up a racket yet. At the point you read it we can only hope that he’s still battling on at SW20.

He can win it, whether he does or not is a different thing entirely.

The Olympics, then, and I’m genuinely excited for this Monday. The Olympic Torch coming to the area is huge and I have had the honour of being asked by Kettering Borough Council to host the event in the Market Place on Monday lunchtime.

I’ve shared stages with some big names before, but none quite as huge as the Olympic Torch. It really is once in lifetime stuff and something I’ll never forget.

The torch will be passing through Wellingborough and Corby too, along with Geddington and Isham. Certain tabloids will have us believe that the public don’t want the Olympic Games, but I haven’t met one person who is any less excited than me about the tournament.

Think about the local talent that will be representing us, from hockey star Anne Panter to amazing gymnast Dan Keatings.

After Beijing in 2008 I got the chance to wear Dan’s team mate Louis Smith’s bronze medal around my neck and I couldn’t help but marvel at how much hard work and dedication went in to achieving it. I’ve got every faith in a golden performance from our golden generation!