Sunny Nunney with Gregg Nunney

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I’d like to think that, generally, I’m a nice, calm person. There are certain things that irritate me though and, when they’re things that I see every time I turn my head, I start to feel that there’s no way to escape my inner rage.

Let me explain what I mean.

Seventy-three years ago, the Ministry of Information (how Harry Potter does that sound?) created a poster.

A piece of propaganda that was aimed at raising spirits and boosting morale through the early days of the Second World War.

It was colourful, to the point and, until very recently had been forgotten about.

About a decade ago the poster was discovered in a bookshop and, as it was out of copyright, the owners began to get it printed on mugs, postcards, t-shirts and dozens of other things.

Keep Calm and Carry On said the poster, and the legacy did.

What started out as a quirky bit of marketing, though, has become the one thing that winds me up more than anything else in the world.

Every corner you turn, you’re presented with another variant of “Keep Calm and…” – whether it be Keep Calm and Support Liverpool Football Club, Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes or Keep Calm and Go Sailing.

What started out as a bit of fun has become a phenomenon, and one that makes my blood boil.

The one that pushed me over the edge last week, however, was Keep Calm and Drink Rosé.

Now, in what way does that conjure up the Dunkirk spirit that the Ministry intended back in 1939?

Is it really the case that the only way we can cope with the troubles of the modern world is by consuming vast quantities of horrible Californian pink wine?

On the subject of relaxing, we chilled out at the Welland Valley Beer Festival last weekend. If you’ve never been is a fantastically organised weekend where the pubs of the Welland Valley come together for guest ales, amazing live music and vintage buses.

It’s always one of the highlights of the local events calendar and this year was no exception.

It’s been a great fortnight for events, with the Queen’s visit to Corby being the obvious highlight.

Well done to everyone involved!

Next week I’ll be getting ready for the Olympic Torch’s visit to Kettering, and I’m starting to get very excited.

I’ll talk more about it in next week’s column – unless that is you start any sentences between now and then with “Keep Calm and...”!