Sunny Nunney - Why 2012 will be a year to remember

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This is the Monday we’ve all been dreading – the first proper Monday back at work since the festive season.

The one where you wake up and realise that you’re not going to have another Bank Holiday until Easter. The one where you have to do five days in the office until you get a weekend. The one where you sob, quietly in the corner.

There are lots to look forward to in 2012 though – before December 21, which the Mayans claim will be the end of days, especially.

There’s the Olympics of course and while there wont be any events taking place in Northamptonshire, we will be the base for certain bits of training.

There’s been talk for months that Nene Park is going to be used as a training ground for teams competing in the football competition. We should keep our fingers crossed that whoever is based there will be who Team GB play. The former Diamonds and current Poppies ground seems to have been a poisoned chalice over the past twelve months – it’s about time that we got some of that luck back I think.

We’ve also got Euro 2012 to look forward to, of course. Another opportunity to build the England team up as world beaters, only for Greece to beat us six-nil in the quarter final. Wayne Rooney won’t be there for the first two games, so chances are he’ll end up on TV – either as a pundit or the subject of a new Attenborough documentary!

Forget about sport then, what about entertainment headlines of 2012? We can look forward to the new movie version of The Hobbit – although not until December. Before then there’s another new version of Spiderman, another new version of Batman and another super hero movie – The Avengers – with … all of them.

Okay, maybe movies aren’t looking that inspiring either. There must be some cracking TV treats in store this year – mustn’t there?

We have Dancing On Ice, which started at the weekend, then another new series of Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother – and then when we get to the autumn more X Factor, Strictly and I’m A Celebrity. Just like last year, and the year before, and the year before…

I did say I was going to give up being cynical for the New Year and, it would appear, I haven’t done a great job so far. 2012 is going to be a great year! A magnificent year! Why? Because it’s got a 29th of February.

At least that’s one repeat that only comes once every four years!