Sunny Nunney - Three months in and 2012 is looking great

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It only seems like five minutes ago that we were standing around a Christmas tree in the middle of Kettering singing carols, frantically wrapping presents, and criss-crossing the bottom of dozens of Brussels sprouts.

Now it’s officially spring and the clocks have gone forwards – it’s unbelievable how quickly 2012 is speeding by!

I think it has already been an amazing year for a lot of people – look at One Direction for example. Eighteen months ago they were a bunch of five teenagers who nobody had heard of and then, due to a bit of luck and a lot of savvy on Simon Cowell’s part, they came third in The X Factor.

This week they went to number one in the American album chart, but that isn’t the most amazing thing about their achievement; they’re the first British band EVER to go straight in at the US number one with the debut album. The Beatles didn’t manage it, neither did the Stones, or Queen, or even the Spice Girls. For a group who have only been around for five minutes, this is quite amazing.

What about the Brits who represent McLaren’s F1 team? I wrote the column this week before Sunday’s Grand Prix but already everyone seems to be getting excited about Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. They did great in Australia and after such a dominant 2011 from Sebastian Vettel, there could really be something for us to smile about this year.

George Rolls has come into Kettering Town talking about a great new future for the club – albeit one that has to stay on hold until after the April 2 winding up hearing – and there’s even gossip bouncing around on Twitter about a Leicestershire businessman pumping some money in to Corby Town, making them the “Manchester City of the Blue Square North”!

Speaking of Corby, the EuroMillions win hasn’t just been the talk of the town, but the talk of the telly too – BBC Breakfast and Daybreak were down at the Stagecoach depot on Monday celebrating the syndicate’s good fortune and it seemed everyone (apart from those who had to work extra shifts) was happy for the winners.

So three months in, one quarter of the year gone, and we still haven’t got to the Queen’s Jubilee, Euro 2012 or the Olympics yet! If the next 13 weeks goes a quickly as the last 13 have, we’ll be talking about a Platinum Jubilee, the 2020 European Championships in the People’s Republic of Wales, and the Games of the XXXV Olympiad…. on Mars!