Sunny Nunney - The bread and butter of a detox challenge

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“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” – a lyric that was written by Joni Mitchell, has been covered by Amy Grant and the Counting Crows and even sampled by Janet Jackson.

Up until this week, I don’t think I really appreciated what it meant.

I’m on a detox at the moment. It’s one of those twenty-first century ideas like Feng Shui, management speak and Big Brother that we lived without perfectly happily before. Three years ago I lost a load of weight and since then I’ve had a much happier relationship with food – but this Christmas I felt like I seriously overdid it.

‘Of course’ said the man at the gym, ‘A few weeks of detox and then back to where you were and you’ll be fine’ – so all the best before dates on the Christmas chocolate were checked and into a suitcase they went to be brought out again on the 6th of Feb.

So we’re two weeks in and I’m doing OK. No red meat is fine by me – I was never a big eater of beef or lamb. Lots of chicken, lots of fish, lots of fresh fruit and veg. I’m quite happy with all of that. We don’t normally eat any processed food and I’ve never put extra sugar on things, so I didn’t have an issue cutting those out too.

Where I’ve struggled is coffee. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give it up completely but I’ve managed to cut down from seven or eight cups a day (seriously) to just the one. The other thing I’m longing for is bread – whether it be bagels, baps, ciabatta, panini, baguettes, pita – or just a thick cut slice of wholemeal with butter and Marmite.

In the past, I’ve probably gone for two or three days without even thinking about having bread, but with it struck off the list I can’t take my mind off it! Bread and potatoes… a big bowl of cheesy mash! How I wish it could comfort those cold winter evenings!

If you’re on a New Year diet, or maybe you have something up for a resolution, I totally get what you’re going through. This has become a personal mission for me now and I’m sure as heck not going to blow it. The problem I face now, of course, is that I’ve just spent ten minutes writing about bread… and I’m very hungry indeed…!