Sunny Nunney - Enough with the film and food snobbery

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Why do people have to be snobs about things?

I’ve written before about how food is one of my interests – I love to cook and I love to go to posh restaurants to sample all kinds of oddities – but I don’t think that I’m a food snob.

I love toad in the hole, bangers and mash and beans on toast – and I honestly think that fish and chips is one of the greatest things ever invented!

Some people are food snobs though – as soon as you tell them that you popped to McDonald’s for breakfast, or grabbed a Subway on your way home from work, they say “Really? I thought you only ate real food!”

It may have more calories than home-made soup, and should only be treated as a once-in-a-while treat, but I think you’ll find it is actually food you know!

I hate music snobs as well. What’s worse is I think I used to be one. People who look down their nose at anyone who listens to anything remotely mainstream. These are the very same who listen to bands that nobody else has heard of, just because nobody else has ever heard of them. They go to music festivals, even though they don’t enjoy them, and spend half the year complaining that “Simon Cowell is killing music”.

Firstly, music has always been manufactured – look at the Monkees – so get over it! Secondly, just because something is mainstream doesn’t make it rubbish. One Direction are two singles into their career and I’m quite happy to admit that I liked them both! I think Gary Barlow’s a great songwriter and, I would argue, half the people who say they’re fans of Mumford And Sons only listen to them because they think they’re being cool rather than because they like them!

There are film snobs too – I HATE film snobs. People who won’t watch blockbusters because they’re blockbusters. Fine, there’s some rubbish (2012 anyone?) but Steven Spielberg easily ranks alongside cooler names like Scorsese, Kubrick and Welles as the finest filmmakers of all time.

His new epic, War Horse, premiered in London last week. I read the book over Christmas and can’t wait to see the movie now. It’s a paint by numbers Hollywood blockbuster – lavish sets, emotive John Williams score – but it looks amazing.

Apparently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge loved it. You see, if they can manage to enjoy a movie without being snobs, what right have the rest of us got!