Sometimes fewer words have greater power

Pray lots, use words if you must, says John
Pray lots, use words if you must, says John

If you have been reading my column over the past year or two, you may have noticed they are shorter than they were.

I hope you do not think I am repeating myself too often, I try not to.

In my sermons in church I unashamedly repeat myself in every one. God loves us, cares about us and we should try to reflect that love in our relationships, our work and our lives.

Back to me writing less. By writing lots does not mean that we are saying more, by writing lots we may lose the argument and lose understanding, which is a shame.

Prayer in church can be like that too. So often we think the longer the better, how the congregation will be impressed and in a naïve sort of way, God too.

Some wise person once said ‘Pray lots, use words if you must’.

In other words, words can and do get in the way.

I have just thought ‘am I doing myself out of a job?’.

Prayers getting shorter, newspaper articles getting shorter until in the end there is nothing.

To a certain extent that is right, when I have nothing left to say that is when I should stop writing this column.

When we are troubled, talking helps and talking helps because someone listens.

But we can be overwhelmed if we say too much, better to say a little often because then we will be heard.

I think I have said enough and it’s time you turned to another page of the paper or even shut your eyes and have a few minutes. I know I will.