Send in the clowns for a good story

The Northampton Clown.
The Northampton Clown.

Ijust couldn’t write this week’s column without talking about the now infamous Northampton clown, which some are saying is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in Northamptonshire…

For anyone who may have been living in a cave for the past week, the Northampton clown first appeared in town on (appropriately) Friday the 13th. He doesn’t juggle, he doesn’t ride a unicycle; instead he just stands at the side of the road and waves to people while holding some colourful balloons.

There has been talk of him knocking on doors and offering to paint windowsills, even though he doesn’t seem to have any paint. But on his official Facebook page, (yep he has one) he has denied ever doing that.

Just a quick look on Twitter will bring up hundreds, maybe thousands of mentions and sightings, and in fact it became so intense on the term #NorthamptonClown was actually trending.

Northamptonshire Police announced yesterday that CNN had been on the phone; the story has been in papers around our country, and the whole world, including Australia, and New Zealand.

On Saturday the hysteria intensified when a “Clown Catcher” was reported to be on the streets, dressed in a superhero costume; and since then, people have been braving the autumn weather to trek around in the hope of finally catching site of the clown themselves.

So just who is this strange man, and why is he scaring everyone silly with his clownish antics? We just don’t know. The police have warned us to be vigilant, while many media outlets and readers are calling it all just a bit of fun and the clown just wants to make us laugh.

Personally, I think that he is an innocent, if slightly zany, man but one thing’s for sure; I won’t be going anywhere near his alleged hang-outs. It’s bad enough seeing spiders in Autumn, but clowns? Ugh!