Richard Oliff: Zumba fundraisers can take the pace

Hollie Broad at one of her exercise classes at St Columbas Church hall in Corby
Hollie Broad at one of her exercise classes at St Columbas Church hall in Corby

Exercise regimes come and go in an attempt to entice people of all physical abilities to combine fitness at every level, with the word ‘fun’ being the common denominator.

Last Saturday I saw something quite amazing held to raise cash for the Red Nose cause.

It was called a Zumbathon and was held in the hall of St Columba’s Church in Corby’s Studfall Avenue.

On approaching the doors at about 10.30am one could immediately hear the music getting louder and louder with every step.

On the stage was Zumba instructor extraordinaire Hollie Broad, pictured above with one of her classes, doing what Hollie does best, guiding a hall full of predominantly women in various relentless Zumba routines that left the uninitiated onlooker spellbound and breathless.

The idea was not to break any world records, or to have people tested against others as to their various levels of commitment or stamina.

Anyone could dip in or out of this Zumbathon, which was designed to last for no more than two hours.

After all, how many in that hall could last the distance at such a pace?

Well, by the time it turned 12.30pm everyone in that venue was still ‘Zumba-ing’ at a rate that would challenge the fittest of athletes.

Each participant had paid for the pleasure with supporting facilities adding to the coffers: supplying refreshments, tombola, photographer, face painting, along with plenty to keep the toddlers occupied for hours.

St Columba’s Church staff had donated the use of the hall completely free from charge, which made the child in me feel a little proud, having spent years connected to both buildings as either a Cub or Boy Scout, and singing as a head chorister in the 1960s.

Well done Hollie and everyone connected with this amazing and innovative fundraising event.