Richard Oliff: Why do wind farms have to be so boring?

Why can't off-shore wind farms be more colourful, asks Richard
Why can't off-shore wind farms be more colourful, asks Richard

There are many magical things about going to the seaside as a child.

One was the unique horizon that only the seaside can provide. There’s nothing to see but a fine line between ocean and sky.

The thoughts of what may lie beyond: those other countries with people that speak in different languages.

The vista would occasionally be broken by the odd sail boat or two, or perhaps an oil tanker on its way to wherever, but that’s alright, it’s what one expects to see floating near to or on this unique horizon.

From the beach we can’t even see the oil and gas platforms that are mere pin-pricks well beyond the fine line.

However, some bright spark has seen fit to authorise the placement of huge HG “Wellian” battleship grey wind turbines in areas around our coastline where only the odd jet ski riders or parents in dinghies with their families should be.

If we accept the premise that we are stuck with these controversial monstrosities then why in heaven’s name did no one think about their overall appearance?

I mean, if one is going to put gigantic windmills in the sea at the seaside then why not make them at least look like giant windmills at the seaside.

The long blades should have been yellow, red and blue and the long tall stems should have been painted green. The overall effect would have been amazing.

Even the tourist offices of any seaside town could have sold their colourful appearance as an attraction. They might even have appeared on postcards.

There’s a suggestion that Bournemouth is the next target where the horizon is judged unsuitable: an horizon deemed in need of interruption by these slow whirling sentries in their bland mass produced North Korean uniforms.

If that is the case, and all alternatives have been exhausted and rejected, then at least attempt to turn the beasts into beauties. Who knows, we may even grow to like them.