Richard Oliff: Unexpected McCartney interview

Richard's trip to lsiten to Mike McCartney didn't turn out as he thought it would
Richard's trip to lsiten to Mike McCartney didn't turn out as he thought it would

Sometimes things just turn out differently.

Last Saturday Ros and I were driving to Didcot near Oxford to see a show and to meet the man who’d been a guest on my radio programme last January.

His tour had been billed as Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll (I wish!), a wry contrast to the pop star life lived by his brother Paul.

We were there to witness the penultimate show presented and performed by Mike McGear-(McFab) McCartney.

We’d arrived slightly early as Mike’s management had agreed that we might meet and get a couple of photographs for various websites.

That being the case I’d gone duly armed with my McGear vinyl album from 1974 in the hope that Mike might sign it.

We made ourselves known at the Cornerstone theatre reception, who informed Mike’s team of our presence.

To cut a long story short we were led to the backstage area, through the wings and on to the stage by a lovely guy called Peter.

This is where the “magic” began to work: the unexpected began to reveal itself.

Peter suggested that as we were already there we could use his equipment to interview Mike, and although I’d always believed one should always be prepared, this one was way out of left field.

Not only that, this wasn’t just audio equipment.

When we reached Mike’s dressing room it transpired that this was a face to face video interview with the brother of Sir Paul McCartney.

Well, one just gets on with it, and because there was no time for preparation there was no time to whittle or worry.

The whole scenario was amazingly surreal. We finished the interview (the copyright of which presumably belongs to Mike or Peter), Ros took a few photographs and we chatted for a while before making our exit.

Sometimes things just turn out differently.