Richard Oliff: Turning a blind eye is not good

Richard has been turning a blind eye to getting his sight tested
Richard has been turning a blind eye to getting his sight tested

It was about a year ago that I wrote about my need to wear glasses.

It’s been suggested to me on many an occasion that I might consider wearing contact lenses.

I simply cannot bear the thought of putting anything directly on to my eyeballs, let alone having to hoik them out again at the end of every day.

That is not to say they are a bad thing, I just can’t bear the thought of anything apart from fresh air, rain or the insides of my eyelids coming into contact with my eyes.

Procrastination, they say, is the thief of time and, for sure, I have to be the world’s worst at “putting things off”, especially, even given the amount of reminders one is sent in so many different formats these days, my essential eye test.

I have been told one should have one’s eyes examined every two years, yet this is a process that only gets a glimmer of attention once I’ve hit the heavy squinting stage.

You know what I mean; When one catches oneself pulling a newspaper or book further and further away from one’s head just to be able to read the larger text.

The bizarre thing is that I’ve never minded having my eyes tested as it has to be one of the least invasive processes that one may experience, yet I’d never dream of missing my dental appointment every six months.

Part of the reason for this is perhaps the sheer cost that may be involved when it comes to buying a new pair of glasses.

There are so many frames: shapes of frames, all with prices to match though the cost of a new crown on the gum can be equally taxing on the wallet.

Anyway, I’m writing this sporting my new specs and may I say what a pleasure it is to see you!