Ray Rodden: Should we stop donating to cancer research?

Should we stop giving to cancer charities, asks Ray
Should we stop giving to cancer charities, asks Ray
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For a number of years I have donated a small monthly amount via direct debit to a cancer research charity.

Over the years progress has been made in the fight against cancer but every now and then we hear stories about new ‘wonder’ drugs and treatments that may prolong life.

In Britain we have an organisation that decides if these treatments are effective and affordable.

As with Aids medication and other cutting-edge treatments, these drugs tend to be prohibitively expensive.

So much so that only affluent individuals and nations can afford the treatment.

Public charitable donations and government taxpayer funding enable much of the basic research into cancer and other ailments that help drug companies to produce medication to combat these killer ailments.

I ask, what is the point of my donation when major drug companies take publicly funded research to produce a drug they then price so expensively that the general public in the UK are denied access on the basis of cost?

If my donation produces drugs that only the rich can afford should I stop?