Preparing for a special Mother’s Day

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Sunday, March 4, 8am. I pull the curtains back and watch the rain as it falls against a dreary and overcast-looking sky. Time to write my column before I forget what I am going to write about?

Where have the past two weeks gone? Munching my way through Marmite on toast my thoughts focus on what the weather will be like in 14 days time, the day of our 10th anniversary walk.

My mind is also gearing up to what has to be done and finalised in the next 14 days to ensure the walk is successful and runs smoothly.

As said in my last column, to organise an event as big as this is an enormous undertaking and the teamwork involved is quite something; it is also a huge responsibility, especially when you have to be prepared for all eventualities, in particular, the British weather and the fact that this year’s walk falls on Mothering Sunday, which I hope won’t be a deterrent.

I marvel at how much the brain and the human mind can cope with when faced with such an undertaking, for somehow we always do seem to cope and come out of it the other side stronger for the experience. Like a diagnosis of cancer the brain is able to, and has to, take on board what has to be endured, and however devastating that diagnosis is, together with its consequences, coping strategies emerge and with the support of medical professionals, family and friends, the journey and the challenge starts. This journey, of course, is only part of all the other twists and turns that life throws at us.

What I am trying to say here is that I really do hope that people have, and will, put March 18 in their diary as a day of joining together at our walk; there is still plenty of time to get your entries in. Over the past few weeks we have met some wonderful people, many of them ‘regulars’, and we have listened to many inspiring stories as to why they will be walking. We have also met ‘first-timers’ who have said they feel the walk will help them come to terms with their problems.

It is said a good walk and fresh air clears the mind and allows you time to think and organise your thoughts so, even if the rain does continue today, my friend and I will be walking the route at Wicksteed Park, as we certainly need to ensure our minds are focused; fit and confident that we will, once again, have a wonderful walk and, for some, a different kind of Mothers’ Day.