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Richard wonders why British holidays are so much more expensive than foreign ones
Richard wonders why British holidays are so much more expensive than foreign ones

The holiday ads are beginning to blitz the breaks across all commercial media, yet choosing a holiday to suit one’s budget at any time of the year can be a tricky business.

It seems that most of us are more likely to pick up a brochure full of giant hotels in sunny climes than consider spending time and money in UK resorts.

How much of this is urban myth and how much of this makes economic sense?

Assured sunshine seems to be the main reason that the holiday jets will be guaranteed another year of profits as millions of us don the shorts and loud embarrassing shirts at regional airport terminals throughout Britain.

A simple cursory internet search found a two-week return no-frills basic flight in July to the Costa Blanca, including all taxes, for £81 per person.

I would pay more than that in petrol just to drive to Cornwall and back – probably more. The hotel search linked to this flight gave me a result of £532 per person, half board (breakfast and evening meal).

In short, a two-week holiday in a Spanish resort in the middle of summer for about £613 per person.

For the same period, a medium standard hotel in Bournemouth would charge about £60 per person per night, including breakfast but no evening meal.

That’s £840 per person – and don’t forget your dinner money!

This is just one example that I came across though I’m sure that given enough time and research one might find the odd bargain in the UK, but one would really have to work at it.

A single trip by rail from Peterborough to Edinburgh can be as high as £112 – remember, that’s a single: not return. Questions remain.

Do foreigners have access to incentivised or discounted UK holiday deals unavailable to the British traveller?

If not, how on earth do they afford to holiday in Britain as we queue to give our cash to the likes of Michael O’Leary?