Oliff’s Life

Binge drinking is not a new phenomenon.

I would dare to suggest that it was alive and kicking throughout my 1970s experience and beyond.

Discussions on our drinking habits moved on another step last week as the focus of alcohol misuse began to home in on the over 60s, many of who are suspected of turning a blind-eye to the effects that their regular “snifter” might be having on their bodies or the lives of those around them.

However, it would appear that little or no attention is truly given to the number of units consumed.

I’ve done it myself, on many an occasion: home from a long day at work, start cooking and out comes the corkscrew for my amateur “Floyd” chill-out experience, often having far too much long before anything is ready to eat.

I’m sometimes surprised that dinner ever manages to land on the table in a fit state.

Yet, surely it’s all alright? After all, I’ve had a busy day and I need to relax.

Like any discussion on the use or misuse of alcohol it’s all too easy (in my experience) to excuse one’s consumption.

Well, in the cold light of day, my ignorance of a genuine understanding of the units system could do with a severe overhaul: this is what I found and in terms that a simple soul such as me might understand.

Men – a pint and a half of 4 per cent beer per day. Women – the equivalent of 175 ml (or 0.31 pint) glass of wine per day.

Oh, and saving up your weekly units so you can drink them all on a Friday doesn’t count.