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It's mealtime mayhem in Emma's household
It's mealtime mayhem in Emma's household

I’ve just fallen and landed mouthwards on a packet of chocolate eggs so please excuse me!

Now I have returned to factory settings (sugar levels engulfed) I can begin.

Said eggs were for a craft activity.

However, this didn’t go down too well with Kitty as it involved getting paint on our hands, so there were a couple of choccies left over.

I thought she loved making a “mess” and saw this as perfect for her, how wrong I was.

She informed me she likes mess but only sand and other messy things, just not painty fingers.

She went off to wash her hands and have lots of fun playing in the sink and I skulked off to the kitchen to rinse the paint pots (and hide next to the washing machine playing hide the eggs in my mouth).

Everyone’s happy!

As mentioned in my last post, I have begun studying child development.

One of our first sessions was schemas (organised pattern of behaviour) and this had me really intrigued.

I can sit and observe these going on all around us at groups and settings. However, I look at my children and see nothing more than what they are doing i.e. playing tea sets or Lego.

I feel terrible about this, maybe I am looking too hard.

I misjudged Kitty’s love of messy play although all is not lost, we have learned from it. Mainly, do not buy chocolate!

It’s sometimes hard to detach yourself from making an informed decision about your own children as they know how to push the right buttons to wind you up, mainly.

Take dinner times for example.

We have our rules for the table but we also have a very stubborn/decisive (delete as applicable depending on mood) three-year-old.

She is not bothered in the slightest when she is told there is nothing else until the next meal time if sufficient dinner hasn’t been eaten.

Is it wrong that I want her to be bothered? Not that it bugs me that I have spent time cooking it.

I’m no Delia, but always ensure they have a balanced meal (or day at least).

I just want her to understand why we eat and what it does for our bodies.

Pup loves being told what each element of a chicken casserole does for his muscles and speed.

Maybe I just need to find a way to explain in Kitty language.

Alas, I will use the medium of Kitty cafe and play dollies.

Bingo! It always helps when I write things down (hence blogging).

I am also a keen advocate of lists – is this my schema?

Although I do find myself writing a list, making another list as I’ve missed a few things off, then doing a final copy.

Before I know it I have finished off a notepad and have to resort to the back of an envelope!

I digress... I am pretty certain it’s just an age thing and mostly it goes over my head along with the selective hearing and insistence on wearing wellys whatever the weather!

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