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Welcome back after a stint away (from writing that is, not cruising the med or anything heavenly).

We had a crazy Christmas and a peaceful New Year at home. Hope you and your families are settling into 2013, it is February after all.

We have a few big changes ahead for us this year. Our little Kitty is starting school in September and I’m taking my first tentative steps back to work; it’s very exciting if a little scary.

The Pup is getting along great at school. It’s a real eye opener returning to the playground, so much to learn, and that’s just us as parents.

Wherever did Annie Apple go? Perhaps on that cruise I mentioned earlier (yes, I’m still dreaming).

It’s all changed. I appreciate how things move on, especially education. You blink and you miss it, as they say.

Our children are so intelligent these days. I remember my first go at computers; typing all these words to make the little turtle-ma-jobby move forward and turn left or right.

Pup and Kitty have mastered apps and computer games already and Pup can even make them come on by himself.

I’m still confused by how to change the Sega over! That switch between the TV and computer, I never understood that.

It’s all different now though, they’ll grow up with technology all around them. I worry that it’ll pass me by and I will be none the wiser in a few years.

I’m not quite as old as dinosaurs, but almost! We did have a TV or two growing up and my first album was a tape, so I’m about that old.

With my birthday just around the corner, I won’t dwell on the matter so shall quickly move on.

I am quite talkative (as you may have noticed), don’t my children know it (and more so hubby as he often reminds me).

Although this, in my opinion, has proved very valuable in our babies’ speech development.

I’m always talking so they had no choice but learn to speak to keep me quiet for some of the time!

Sitting to dinner one evening I ask Pup what he’s been doing at school today. He ponders then asks the time.

Quite urgently in fact that I think my four-year-old has a prior engagement and needs to dash off. I tell him it’s 4.30pm.

He asks how long we’ve been in. I reply “about an hour”. “Oh well Mummy”, came his reply. “It’s been that long since school I can’t remember“.

He does like quiet so perhaps that was him politely requesting me to ssshh! There’s nothing like being “told” by your child.

Kitty is very good at putting me in my place. Girls in my experience (which is limited to one boy and one girl) have an answer to everything.

She leaves me speechless and stifling giggles quite a lot and sometimes very embarrassed in the presence of bemused onlookers.

On one occasion, shortly after bedtime, I went up to check on the babas, as you do. I saw Kitty struggling to lift her dolls pram into her bed.

I informed her that there is no room in bed for a dolls pram and to please leave it on the floor.

Back downstairs I go, only to return a short while later to re-check on their sleepy progress. Well, credit where it’s due, the little Kitty had taken on board my information of no pushchairs in bed.

However, she was now soundly asleep surrounded by all her other toys from her bedroom yet the pushchair remained on the floor, as specified by me.

I have to really think about what I am proposing to my children as they take it all so very literally.

I often find myself tripping over words to explain a situation or a decision to our children just to patch over any potential loopholes that may be present.

Therefore, I believe, my incessant talking is relatively justified!

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