Mum of Two Emma Jones

So the school holidays are upon us. This is the first time it’s really meant anything to us as it’s now officially six weeks and my biggest boy starts actual school; 4 seems no age at all.

It’s quite a daunting prospect with lots to think about. Anxiety running high for both me and Pup although it’s very exciting too.

Over the past four weeks we have done our time and succumbed to chicken pox. Pup had it at 11 months so it was Kitty’s turn this time around.

I was absolutely dreading it as she is of that age where she is aware of the itching and the spots. To give her credit she was a superstar with them.

She barely scratched despite the spots being very large and sore looking. She was also quite poorly generally for a couple of days and even struggled to lay down on them but cool baths seemed to help enormously.

Then low and behold, after five days of minimal scratching she caught a bag strap on the biggest spot on her face.

Off it came leaving a huge indent. Anywhere but her beautiful face! I never noticed Pup’s spots marking him, however three weeks on and Kitty’s are still pinky red, not entirely sure how long they take to return to normal skin colour.

She is rather proud of her chickenings though and makes a point to show friends and family where her particularly large one was on her arm.

We are really into dressing up at the moment too, the children that is! I sport the sleep deprived, tubby, not enough hours in the day look most of the time.

I spent three days living with Optimus Prime before I finally peeled him out of his costume “as washing boosts super powers” (great line borrowed from a friend).

We have a fair amount of dressing up costumes although Kitty’s preferred items usually include wellies, gloves and hats. Perfect for the recent spate of monsoon type weather.

Top marks for their imagination at Kitty’s birthday, however. All she wanted was a princess dress and party games. That’s great, I can muster that up no problems.

As the day grew closer, their choice in costumes began to change. Nothing like a little last-minute stress to keep me on my toes.

Pup was quite happy to dress as Fireman Sam until Daddy introduced him to The A Team. It became clear that Fireman Sam is not as cool as B.A. and subsequently I had a request for a B.A. costume.

OK, vest, dungarees and a bit of chain, we can do this! Meanwhile back at Kitty Land, after a visit to Wicksteed Park, she wanted to go as the ladybird roller coaster.

Really? I suppose this isn’t the most bizarre costume request I’ve ever heard. I’ve had lots of stories since the ladybird roller coaster debacle and my favourite has to be a washing machine and box of cornflakes request made by my twin friends when they were younger.

Can you imagine? Well hats off to their mother, that’s dedication and super Mumming in my opinion.

Back to my very own Blue Peter moment and I whipped up a very fetching roller coaster cart with Kitty sporting a ladybird style dress. I think I pulled it off. I can’t wait for their next requests.

Here’s to the next six weeks of chaos and shenanigans with my cherubs. Enjoy the summer everyone!

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