Mum of Two Emma Jones

For a long time now Kitty has enjoyed hiding things. If anything goes missing, it’s her you need to ask. Although I’m beginning to think that she believes that’s where they belong. So it’s not so much she’s being secretive it’s her simply putting them away. Now this is all good and well until you need said hidden object!

Luckily it’s only been the once that I’ve been caught out by her “putting things away”. This made me to flap as we needed to collect Pup from Play School. I am always telling hubby to put keys in the designated key area (won’t divulge where designated key area is as this would be an invitation to burglars and Kitty would be sad!) On this particular occasion we had 20 mins to play with so we came home from our group rather than loiter outside school. I dumped bag and keys down, put on some washing and left Kitty to play. We went to leave and keys were not where I had left them. I hunted high and low. By this point I had noted a few of Kitty’s more favourable concealing spots so checked them also but to no avail. Panic stricken I almost called school. I didn’t have keys to drive nor enough time to walk and even if I did, we couldn’t leave the house as I wouldn’t be able to lock it. I asked Kitty if she knew where my keys were and she was waltzing around looking vague. To her it’s not hiding so when I ask where she has “hidden” something she looks for a concealed item, not the one she has placed “away” and ignores the actual hidden object. As she was pottering around her toys I spotted a sparkle of keys in her toy box. We legged it out the house and I’ve since been very careful to always put keys away! This example isn’t classic Kitty behaviour just a close call!

Her “normal” hidings are part of every day life. I am often finding cups in my drawers, missing make up brushes and hiding teddies. Alas it’s been a while since I have discovered a secret custard cream or Wotsit filled handbag.

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