Michelle Morgan: Why my car insurer is on speed dial

Michelle has been having car insurance headaches
Michelle has been having car insurance headaches

I had to renew my car insurance last week, and because I got a better deal elsewhere, I rang up my current provider to tell them I wouldn’t be renewing.

During the call, I was shocked to hear that I somehow owed them £51, though no-one was exactly sure why this would be.

After asking if I’d like to pay the mysterious amount, I assured them I wouldn’t, and they then decided that since no-one knew why I owed it, it must be a “technical error” and cleared it from my account.

Being sceptical, I asked for a letter of confirmation, but they assured me I didn’t need one; that the money was now gone.

Three days later I received a letter confirming that I’d cancelled my insurance and asking me to pay a sum of £26.

Once again I rang them and once again I was told that they had no idea how the money had got onto my account; that it was a technical error and they’d clear it.

This time I insisted on a letter of confirmation which they promised they would send – but I still haven’t received.

Three days later I received another letter, this time confirming once again that the policy had been cancelled, and telling me that I now owed £321.

I couldn’t believe it. I got back on the phone and went through the whole process again.

This time, however, the lady assured me that the sum of £321 would only be payable if I changed my mind and decided to renew with them.

After all this nonsense?

Er, no thank you, would be my answer to that.

The lady assured me once again that there was no money to pay on my account, and that I can now go on with my life and never have to speak to them again.

It would certainly be great if this is true, but we shall see.

In the meantime I have their number on speed dial, just in case...