Michelle Morgan: Why I want to thank my teacher

Michelle wants to thank the teacher who meant the most to her
Michelle wants to thank the teacher who meant the most to her

For many years, my dad has told us stories about his old school teacher and the things he used to teach.

Apparently he was one of those inspirational people who left a lasting impression on those he taught, and especially my dad.

Over the years, they would bump into each other and say hello, or maybe stop for a while to talk about the old days.

Then several months ago my mum and dad bumped into the teacher and his wife in the supermarket, and arranged to go for a coffee afterwards to catch up properly.

They got along so well that since then there has been no stopping them. Not only do they go for coffee every week now, but they also do lunch too, and visit each other regularly.

I make fun of course, saying that I can’t believe my parents actually have friends, but in all seriousness, I think it is wonderful that my dad has reconnected with a man he obviously holds in high regard, while my mum has made a new friend in his wife.

The fact that my dad wants to stay in touch with an old teacher, has got me thinking about which of my own teachers was the most inspiring.

There is no contest; my headmaster/English teacher is the one I remember most fondly. When I was in his class, he would ask a question to the whole group, then point at me for an answer.

At the time I hated it and no matter how low I sunk in my chair, it didn’t matter – he would always find me and demand an answer to his question.

Of course now I appreciate the time he spent making me think about my work.

In the past, we’ve corresponded several times, but I would love to say thanks in person.

Hopefully we will meet up in the future; after all, if my dad can reconnect with his teacher, I don’t see why I can’t connect with mine.