Michelle Morgan - Why can’t we just be happy for them?

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I was thrilled to read that a syndicate of local bus drivers had scooped £3.1m each on the EuroMillions draw.

Unfortunately, it would seem that such good news has brought out the green-eyed monster in some people – many of which expressed their views on a national newspaper website. Let’s take a look at some of the comments (names have been changed to protect the pathetic).

Jealous Jane said she felt sorry for the posh folk who now had to have ‘these common working class people’ as next-door-neighbours, and claimed she should know, as she’s posh herself.

What an obscene comment from someone who knows nothing about these gentlemen.

None of us want bad neighbours, but I’m sure there are some pretty bad ‘posh’ residents out there too. After all, wasn’t Jack the Ripper rumoured to be a member of the aristocracy?

I’m sure he was extremely high-class, but would you want him as a neighbour? Er no.

Next was Vile Vera and a host of others who immediately attacked the bus drivers for walking out on their jobs to start a better life. This one flabbergasts me. So these people would happily continue their day job, and just admire their bank balance ever so often? I don’t think so. You enter the lottery in the hope of making your life (and those around you) better.

If you don’t intend changing your life, living your dreams and putting the money to good use then seriously, what is the point of entering?

I’d bet my bottom dollar that anyone who claims they should have stayed at work would be the first to walk out if a winning lottery ticket knocked on their door.

A variation of the above came from the over-active-imagination brigade who assumed the drivers had found out they’d won; dumped the bus complete with passengers and went home.

These comments were made up of statements such as ‘I feel sorry for the old ladies who were dumped in the middle of the countryside and had to find their own way home.’ Oh please, those comments don’t even warrant a response.

These resentful people need to realise that jealousy is a very undesirable trait and instead of being envious, they should look inside themselves to work out what missing component is making them feel that way in the first place.

The world would be a much better place if we could just be happy for our fellow man instead of trying to knock him as soon as something goes right.