Michelle Morgan: We shouldn’t wish our lives away

Michelle wants to celebrate Christmas in December, not September
Michelle wants to celebrate Christmas in December, not September

Where on earth has this year gone?

Because of the winter lasting so long, it seems as though we just got into summer, but now autumn is on our doorstep already.

I’ve seen weather reports saying to expect frost in remote areas, and recently I’ve been seeing fog in the mornings.

The nights are drawing in and before we know it, Christmas will be on our doorstep.

Ahh, Christmas. That dreaded word. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the festive season and our house is always filled with decorations and good cheer around the holidays.

However, to have it thrust down your throat from September onwards is a little extreme.

Whatever happened to the days when Christmas started in December? Long gone I fear.

Case in point. About a month ago I went to a local pub with some friends, and was shocked to discover a Christmas tree sitting in the corner.

Its lights were twinkling; its tinsel was shining, and the star was looking proud on the top. But this was late August!

Surely we don’t have to see Christmas trees while the kids are still on their school holidays?

Closer inspection revealed that it was advertising Christmas dinner, which is fair enough; I accept that restaurants and pubs have to advertise in good time.

But whatever happened to a simple leaflet on the table? Do we really need a full-scale Christmas tree to tell us that they serve dinner? I think not.

Last week we were in the supermarket and there was a big aisle full of Halloween items, closely followed by baubles and Christmas cards, fighting for attention at the back.

I am no grouch but I just feel that we are really being encouraged to wish our lives away.

I’d rather live in the moment; enjoy the day and think about Christmas when it is ready to arrive – in three months’ time.