Michelle Morgan: Valentine’s gifts left me embarrassed

Michelle has had her fair share of Valentine disasters
Michelle has had her fair share of Valentine disasters

So it’s almost Valentine ’s Day, which reminds me of some of the disasters I had when I was a teenager.

The first one I remember was at a party in the sixth form, when a young, geeky gentleman decided that now was a good time to present me with his gift.

He marched up to me in front of all my friends and gave me a huge box. I was intrigued, but when I opened it I was in for a shock.

Inside was a container filled with fancy napkins, plastic red roses, cut-out hearts and a plastic doll that resembled Hamble, the really scary doll from Play School.

I was mortified but my friends of course thought it was the most hilarious thing they’d ever seen.

The very next year was no better, when another geeky boy – let’s call him Bill – decided he was madly in love with me and not only wanted to give me a Valentine’s present, but wanted to do so right in the middle of the reception where I now worked.

I received a phone call from the amused receptionist, telling me I had a delivery, and when I went down, I was embarrassed to find a three-foot card, and a half-dozen satin cushions bearing the words ‘Bill Loves Michelle’ embroidered on to them.

Everyone was laughing and Bill, meanwhile, had made a hasty retreat from the building; leaving me to gather up my cushions and take them back to my office.

Cue more laughter from entertained co-workers as I stuffed them under my desk.

Several days ago I asked my daughter if she was planning on sending a Valentine’s Day card this year.

She screwed up her face and declared that she would never, under any circumstances, send a card to anyone in the whole of her life.

However, I’m sure she will rethink the situation when she hits her teens, and will become suitably embarrassed by many a determined young man, before she finally finds her Prince Charming.