Michelle Morgan - School may be gone but not forgotten

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I was devastated to wake up on Saturday morning with the news that part of the old Kingswood school building had burned down through the night.

Kingswood was my school and I have so many wonderful memories there – just as I’m sure most of the thousands of people who went there have.

I am aware the building was due to be pulled down shortly – but they’ve been saying that for the past two years – and I never approved of that plan either.

But as I drove past the charred building this morning, I couldn’t help but think what a sad ending this is, to what was once a buzzing, thriving school.

My friends and I were lucky enough to go round the building a little while ago; retracing our steps from years gone by and sitting in the seats we had once sat in as teenagers.

One of the buildings we went in was the science block – the building that burned down – and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the gas taps and Bunsen burners were exactly the same as the ones we used back in the day. I don’t know why, but I was inspired to take photos of those little gas taps and when I read that they were found in the rubble after the fire was put out, it made me feel sad.

All those years they’d been there, and within hours they were gone forever.

To see videos of my old school in flames was a very sad thing indeed.

All those years we spent walking through the gates; gossiping about boys or what we’d watched on telly the night before. Many of our evenings were spent in school too, at discos, youth clubs or parties. We all danced our first slow dance in the school hall; had our hearts broken on more than one occasion; had many, many laughs and even managed to learn a thing or two about maths, English or science.

And now the science block has gone; burned for who knows what reason.

It wasn’t derelict as some newspaper reports would have you believe; it was just an old, unused building; free of the sounds of the million footsteps that have run up and down its now silent halls.

Goodbye old Kingswood.

I was happy to call you my school for six wonderful years and my teenage memories are full of the adventures we had in your classrooms.

You may be gone but you’ll always be remembered; you truly were a fabulous school.