Michelle Morgan: Picturing ourselves as we used to be

Michelle's family will be recreating a photo from Christmas past
Michelle's family will be recreating a photo from Christmas past

There is a new craze sweeping the Internet, which involves families recreating history.

The idea is that you take an old photo and then dress up in similar clothes, pose in the same way as you did in the old days, and take another snap.

Then you can see how much you have, or haven’t changed over the years.

There is a website dedicated to the craze, which is at equal times both hilarious and kind of creepy.

There are photos such as kids in 1970s “Rupert” trousers, now posing as 40-year-olds in the same style fashions, and a mother cradling her baby in the 1980s, now cradling the same not-so-baby, some 30 years later.

I think the whole idea is very funny and so started to go through photos of my family from back in the day, in order to recreate them now.

I saw a few goodies, but nothing really caught my eye until I found one on my aunt’s FaceBook page, showing my mum, dad, brother and myself, all sitting on the sofa after Christmas dinner, circa 1990.

We all have teeny, tiny hats on; we are covered in streamers; and the fashions are to die for. My dad is smiling wildly, as Christmas decorations cascade down his head and round his ears.

The rest of us look like we’ve all got a bad case of after-dinner indigestion, and my brother is trying his best not to even look at the camera.

The photo is hilarious for all the wrong reasons, and I knew I’d picked the perfect pic to recreate, when my brother insisted I didn’t “tag” him on FaceBook, and my mum told me off for posting it in the first place.

So this Christmas, when the turkey is eaten and the washing-up is done, we shall crowd round the sofa once again, and recreate the pose; grumpy faces and all.

I for one can’t wait, but I can’t say the same about my family though.