Michelle Morgan: On the hunt for Honey the bunny

Honey the bunny's disappearing act didn't amuse Michelle
Honey the bunny's disappearing act didn't amuse Michelle

I have had more than my share of pets: dogs, rabbits, gerbils, guinea-pigs, hamsters...

Most of the time they bring joy but sometimes they can push my anxiety levels to the limit, such as on Christmas Day when Honey the Bunny decided to give us all a surprise.

When we arrived home after a day of visiting relatives, my hubby shut the front door and declared that a nice, relaxing evening was about to begin.

I couldn’t agree more and went out to feed Honey before pouring myself a Baileys.

However, when I got to her house, there was no Honey to be seen. She wasn’t inside her hutch; or outside in her run. She was nowhere.

I ran inside to get my hubby and of course at the same time my daughter realised what was going on.

She ended up screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of the garden: “She is gone! She is gone! Where oh where has she gone??!”

Goodness knows what the neighbours thought, but at that point all I cared about was finding Honey.

Out came the torches and, thank goodness for us, after much searching she was found at the side of the shed where she had got herself in a cosy nook between the wall and the fence.

Our first thought was that she’d developed mountaineering skills and hoisted her way up the back of the hutch and over the wall, but as it turned out it was much simpler than that.

A hole in the chicken wire was her ticket to freedom, and while she then enjoyed a nice warm evening inside the kitchen, hubby was out with his tools, bunny-proofing every inch of her house.

My daughter was devastated that Honey had wanted to run away, but I think she just wanted to have an adventure.

Either that or her Christmas present to us all was a few extra grey hairs, which is always a possibility.