Michelle Morgan - No surprise to read articles knocking us

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So on the very week I write a column criticising those jealous fools who have put down our lottery-winning bus drivers, along comes an article in a national newspaper about how bad Corby is.

Well this doesn’t surprise me one little bit. I’ve had several run-ins with this particular paper – chiefly when they wrote a defamatory article about Marilyn Monroe, calling her every derogatory name under the sun.

As a biographer of hers I took offence to this badly-researched muck and offered to write a truthful account of her life. My offer was turned down (what a surprise).

But back to the Corby article. As a Corby girl born and bred, I take it as a personal insult to read the untrue things written about our town in not only this national paper but others too. It seems that whenever Corby is in the news, TV crews always find the least desirable areas to film in or take photos of. Yes we do have areas that are worse than others but that’s true of any town, not just ours.

For the reporter to say that our town centre is ‘miserable’ is absolutely ridiculous. Obviously she was walking round with her eyes closed as I think our town is one of the best in the county. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t always that way, and for a time we didn’t seem to have many shops at all, but that has all changed. We now have everything we could want in town; a thriving train station; an Olympic-sized swimming pool; new theatre complex and upcoming cinema.

Miserable? I don’t think so.

I am sick of people putting down Corby and the people who live here. In my experience most of the folk are extremely generous with their time and are always the first to raise money for local causes.

My wonderful grandparents moved here from Scotland and South Shields many, many years ago and our family has been based here ever since.

People have moved away but they often come back and those who don’t frequently visit.

Corby is my home; it’s where I choose to raise my family and build my career. We have some excellent schools (my daughter’s infants school was outstanding according to Ofsted); fabulous restaurants; play centres and much more.

Corby is a thriving town, though I’m sure many internet trolls will take great delight in disagreeing with me. To them I’d say take your best shot; bring it on – I’ll look forward to seeing those jealous arrows fly.