Michelle Morgan: My hopes of finding fame with Fame

One of Michelle's New Year resolutions when she was younger was to attend Fame School
One of Michelle's New Year resolutions when she was younger was to attend Fame School

It’s that time of year when many of us resolve to get healthier, eat less, join a gym.

Many of my friends have been making resolutions, which include things such as stop worrying, give up alcohol, joining a Zumba group and taking a night class.

However, another friend has gone one better by resolving to go sky-diving by the end of the year; along with various other fabulous out-of-this world endeavours.

I know I can certainly scrub sky-diving from my list of things I ever want to do, but I most certainly admire anyone who feels able to do such things.

I don’t normally do resolutions myself; aside from the usual “eat healthier”.

But I did go through a time of writing down New Year’s wishes; crazy things I wanted to do throughout the year.

In my defence, I was a teenager at the time, but still, they make interesting reading.

During one New Year (beginning of 1987) I resolved to learn how to “Flash Dance” and attend the Fame School in New York. The next year I vowed to make a movie and win an Oscar.

How I could have done both in that one year was not something I had bothered to think about and of course it was a resolution quickly forgotten.

While we all make wishes and resolutions as one year closes and another begins, I do think that as we get older, the things that are really important become more and more simple.

Things like wishing our family are safe and happy, or resolving to be the best parents we can be, are all much more significant than hoping you can dance on stage with Madonna – another wish of mine – this time from 1990.

So on that note, I’d like to wish you and yours a very happy new year. May all your wishes – big and small – come true in 2014.