Michelle Morgan - It’s not even nice for the ducks

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As I write this column, I can’t remember the last time we had good weather.

Every day when I wake up, there’s either rain banging on the window, wind blowing past or a mixture of both. Of course it all seems to get worse the moment I tell my daughter it’s time to go to school, or when I’m on my way to collect her.

Take the other day for instance. It had been raining but was now just a little drizzly, which let’s face it, is as close to dry weather as we’re likely to get. I put on my shoes and small jacket and off I went, parking outside my parents’ house as I usually do.

Unfortunately, by the time I got there, the drizzle had ceased and had made way not only for sheet rain but also hail stones too.

I managed to stagger into my mum’s and she took one look at me, declared my jacket a health hazard and sent me off to school wearing her old rain oat, which is bright green, about three sizes too big for her, and she has no idea why she ever bought it.

However, I was pretty glad of it as I headed off to the school gates, the coat billowing behind me like a pea-green marquee. I must admit to scuttling past my friend’s car, in the hope she wouldn’t see what on earth I wearing, and as I arrived at the school gates I was dismayed to see they were still locked tight.

I don’t know why they were locked, but the God of weather certainly enjoyed it and unleashed a mammoth barrage of hail, wind and rain on all us parents waiting outside.

By the time I got into the school playground, my hair was soaked, my jeans were stuck to my legs and my daughter was demanding to know where I’d been. “I’ve been waiting for hours!” she shouted, as we blew our way back home.

So to the God of weather, I ask the following: please let conditions lighten up soon, so we can finally see some nice, spring weather. While I’m painfully aware that we’re in the middle of a hosepipe ban and the water is good for our gardens, enough is enough.

I don’t mind it raining or even hailing if it must, but please, please Mr Weather Man, let it do it during the night in future, and not every single time I venture on the school run.

Thank you…