Michelle Morgan: It’s not a matter of life and death

Being late is no excuse for risking your life, says Michelle
Being late is no excuse for risking your life, says Michelle
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I was driving down the street when I noticed a teenage girl walking towards the road.

She was on her phone and in the middle of some animated conversation, when she suddenly looked up, gasped and ran straight over the road without looking one way or the other.

Thankfully I was able to stop the car in time, but it was at that point I realised why she had run across the road.

I looked down the path she had run on to and saw a bus had just arrived on the next street.

Obviously she was concerned that she was about to miss it and had made a dash for it.

As I reached the next street and drove slowly towards the bus stop, there was the girl, flying out of the footpath and on to the road once again.

Thank goodness there were no cars coming, but if there had been, she would have most likely been hit, as a wall hides the path somewhat and it would have been very difficult to see her running towards the road.

As I passed the bus stop there she was, getting on to the bus without a care in the world; happy that she had made it just in time.

But what she didn’t realise, of course, was just how close she had come to death or serious injury, by being in such a hurry that she had completely forgotten the basic Green Cross Code.

It worries me that someone can run out on to a road and think that they will be perfectly OK.

It worries me not only for the person, but for the driver who will live with it on their conscience for the rest of their lives.

So to anyone who is rushing around for fear of being late or worried about missing something, I simply must ask; would you rather be described in this way: “Miss Jones was late,” or this: “The late Miss Jones.”

Think about it. Before it’s too late.