Michelle Morgan: Is it time to give up on summer?

Michelle has given up on summer already
Michelle has given up on summer already
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As you know, I stopped driving six months ago and last week my old car drove off with his new owner.

My aim over these months has been to walk as much as I can, and to occasionally have a lift from my dad and hubby.

Well for a while that went really well; the walking was doing me good and I had so far managed to avoid any downpours.

Until a few days ago that is.

It was time for the school run which involves an almost two-mile walk that is usually quite uneventful.

However, as I headed out of the house, I could see in the distance a huge black cloud, heading over the horizon.

Refusing to accept that it was coming our way, Betty the Bichon and I started on our walk, but after 10 minutes the heavens opened and down came the rain like a gigantic blanket of water.

No warnings; no teeny drops to tell us it was coming; just one humungous shower of disaster, pounding down on our heads.

Betty stopped in her tracks and it was all I could do to convince her that we had to carry on, and after a few more minutes we took something of a shelter in a nearby bush.

My hair was plastered to my face; my make-up was gone and my trousers were drenched.

I needed windscreen wipers for my glasses, and don’t get me started on my shoes and socks.

Just as we were about to drown in a sea of English summer weather, along came my dad who had been told by my mum to come looking for us.

What a welcome site, and as we poured ourselves into his car; dripping all over his seats, I couldn’t help but wonder... could it be time to give up hoping for sunny weather to walk in, and go back to being a car owner?

The jury is out on this but it could very well be a possibility.