Michelle Morgan: If you can’t say something nice...

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Well, I couldn’t write my column without mentioning Andy Murray and the amazing win he had at Wimbledon at the weekend.

I was so thrilled to see him lift the trophy, and it is a tremendous achievement for Great Britain too, since it has been so long since our last win.

To get into perspective just how long it has been since we had a British winner of the men’s title; 77 years ago was 1936 – the year Gone with the Wind was published.

It was three years before the beginning of the Second World War; one year before Jean Harlow passed away; and many years before most of us were born.

And yet, while most of us remain in celebratory mood for Andy, there are those who have taken to the internet to declare their immense dislike for the man who lifted that wonderful trophy.

I just can’t understand these people at all, and wonder why it is so hard for some to wish others luck; to cheer them on and be happy at their success.

All I can put it down to is jealousy – envy of the person who has achieved such wonderful things; and perhaps anger too that they themselves have never achieved their own dreams.

I think it is wonderful that we not only have a British winner, but also someone to admire in tennis once again.

While I know there are many who have enjoyed tennis in recent times, personally I haven’t felt so psyched about the sport since Steffi Graff and Andre Agassi retired, and that was a long time ago.

Andy Murray did his very best to achieve his dreams not only for himself but for Great Britain too, and he did better than any of us could hope for.

To those detractors out there, I say look at yourself before you crush his (or anyone else’s) accomplishments, and remember the adage – if you can’t say something nice, best not say anything at all.