Michelle Morgan: I really don’t like Mondays

Michelle got caught in last Monday's A43 chaos
Michelle got caught in last Monday's A43 chaos

Have you ever had one of those days when you wish you hadn’t got out of bed?

Well, that happened to me on Monday of this week.

It all started with my daughter telling me she had a sore stomach.

However, I brushed aside the comments and proceeded to pack her up and off to school. Easier said than done, however.

The moment we turned out of our street, we were met by an almighty traffic jam; the cause of which was the closing of a main road on the outskirts of town, causing all traffic to come through instead.

We were faced with tankers, car transporters, trucks, vans, lorries... you name it, we were stuck behind it, and our two-mile drive turned into 30 minutes of hell, emphasised even more by the wails of “I feel sick” coming from the back seat.

We finally made it to school, but by that time my daughter was crying that she was most certainly not well, so we had to turn round and go all the way back home – another 30 minutes in the land of tanker-ville.

Later that day I noticed it was getting unbelievably hot in my living room.

I went downstairs to discover the heating was turned on full blast, even though the boiler wasn’t switched on.

Closer inspection revealed that the circuit board had broken, and in order to prevent us becoming lobsters we had to turn the whole thing off at the mains.

Next it was time for me to empty the kitchen bin.

Not a job I relish, that’s for sure, and made worse when I opened the outside bin to be faced with a very disgruntled wasp who came charging out and chased me round the front garden, much to the amusement of a group of teenagers passing by.

In the end I was quite glad to go to bed and make the decision that, next Monday, I will turn off my alarm and sleep through ‘til Tuesday...