Michelle Morgan: I’m still excited at the arrival of a Royal baby

Michelle has welcomed the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge
Michelle has welcomed the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge

So the Royal baby has arrived, delighting the many people camped outside the hospital waiting for a first glimpse of the future king.

But not everyone is excited about the birth, with many people saying that millions of babies are born every year, and this one is no more or less special than the rest.

I agree every baby is special (but my daughter is of course THE most special baby ever born), but I do still allow myself a bit of excitement at the thought of a new baby in Kensington Palace.

That is not true of everyone. When I told my hubby that Kate had gone into labour, he replied, “I didn’t even know she was pregnant.”

I remember when Prince William was born and the world went crazy; more so than now in fact.

I was a huge fan of Princess Diana (I still am) and I kept every newspaper article I could find about the new arrival.

I bought books about him, named dolls after him, drew pictures of him... I even wrote to Jim’ll Fix it to ask if I could be a nanny, but in hindsight I am extremely grateful he chose not to reply.

As the years went by, I gave up snipping articles about baby William in favour of scrapbooks filled with Simon Le Bon and George Michael, but I’ve always been a fan and he will one day make a terrific King.

Perhaps my daughter will continue my tradition of a Royal scrapbook, though unless the baby looks like SpongeBob Squarepants I don’t think it’s very likely...