Michelle Morgan - I’m keeping my money in my pocket

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Why is it that the moment the New Year is here, we are bombarded with people wanting to get money from us?

The other day I was getting out of my car when a woman emerged from the shadows and asked if I’d ever thought about donating money to the local cats’ home.

Now I believe all animals deserve to be cared for, but while standing on my drive on a cold Friday evening in January, donating money isn’t top of my agenda.

I offered to take a leaflet but of course she didn’t have any. She did, however, have a form where I could fill in my bank details and she’d very kindly take £15 a month from my account.

“That only works out at 50p a day”, the woman said gleefully, as she thrust her clipboard in my direction. I was glad for the maths lesson, but didn’t take her up on the offer…

The next people after our money are holiday companies such as one currently offering cabin getaways in the forest.

I found the website and requested details of how much a weekend would be in April, for the three of us to stay in a cabin.

When the website informed me that I’d have to pay over £800 for the privilege, I quickly logged off. £800 for a weekend?

No thanks.

If my daughter wants to visit the woods, we’ll go for a trek round East Carlton or Fineshade – at least they’re free and we can return to our warm house when we’re finished.

And finally there is the crazy idea that the moment New Year is upon us, we’ll all want to subscribe to magazines about crocheting, building battleships or collecting rocks.

These mags always come out at just a few pounds each, but quickly go up to an extortionate amount and require a subscription to carry on collecting.

One such magazine is to make a quilt. It’s ‘only’ £1.99 for the first issue, which will then rise to £4 after that. This is a shocking amount of money when you see that it will take you 90 fortnightly issues in order to complete the entire project.

I’m no expert at maths but I do believe that’s a grand total of £360 and over three years of time for just one quilt! I think I’ll stick to Marks and Spencer.

They’re cheaper, ready-made and won’t require three years of swearing and stabbing myself with a needle.

A much safer option!