Michelle Morgan: Hospices are more than just buildings

Cransley Hospice is more than just bricks and mortar, says Michelle
Cransley Hospice is more than just bricks and mortar, says Michelle

I was pleased to learn that the funding for Cransley Hospice will not be cut (for now).

I have had first-hand experience of Cransley, when my gran was admitted there during the last few months of her life in 1999.

While she ultimately did not stay long at the hospice, I remember that they thought gran might not have long to live, so she gathered everyone to her bedside to talk to us.

It was during this emotional meeting that I told her I would call my future daughter after her, which I did – my daughter has my gran’s name as one of her middle names – and gran was so thrilled.

She punched the air and shouted: “Yes!”

I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Then, sitting in that quiet room at Cransley Hospice, she told me something that has stuck with me forever more.

“Michelle,” she said, “You must only ever dance to the beat of your own drum. “Remember that.”

Her words stuck with me and ever since I have done all I can to keep that advice with me; to do what I think is best and to always, always, dance to my own tune. I think she would be pleased about that.

The day after the family meeting, I went out and bought an ornament that I had wanted for a long time, in order to remember my gran in the months and years since.

I took it into the hospice to show her, and we sat in the sunlit day room, and she admired what I’d bought and we chatted like we had always done before.

So I really hope that Cransley has been saved for good, because while some may think that hospices are just brick and mortar buildings with no feelings at all, that is simply not true.

I for one will never forget the memories that grew from my gran’s stay there and the comfort it gave to us all.