Michelle Morgan: High cost of going back to school

Michelle is bemoaning the cost of children's school uniforms and shoes
Michelle is bemoaning the cost of children's school uniforms and shoes

So the children have gone back to school, which means that during the past few weeks, mums and dads everywhere have been running around making new purchases for the school year.

Our kitchen table has been full of bags of items, and I’m sure everyone else’s has been the same.

Thankfully the uniform was pretty easy to select, since the local supermarkets all have a good choice and at reasonable prices, but what really gets me is the price of children’s shoes.

We recently went to a well-known factory shop, where we thought we might be able to pick up good quality shoes for reasonable prices.

Boy was I wrong. The cheapest shoes they had were £45, and then the prices soared up to £50 and beyond.

Now I’m not Scrooge but I’m not Rockefeller either, so needless to say we left empty-handed.

We eventually went into another store where once again the children’s shoes were extortionate, but thankfully since my daughter is now a size 4 we were able to pick up a pair of nice, leather, sensible shoes in the adults section for £24.

That was half the price of most of the kids’ shoes, and meant I could get her shoes, plimsolls and a Monster High bag for the same price I would have paid if I’d shopped in the school section.

I think the price of children’s shoes is absolutely ridiculous and I see no reason for it to be that way.

They take up far less leather than adults’ shoes, so why are they often so much more expensive? I am lucky in a way because I have one child, but I really feel for those who have two, three or four children to buy for.

It’s not as if the shoes last all year after all, and because children’s feet are growing all the time it will be a miracle if they last until Christmas. Then we have the ‘joy’ of doing the whole thing again...