Michelle Morgan: Doc Martin like Postman Pat for adults

Michelle will miss watching Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes
Michelle will miss watching Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes

I don’t watch a lot of television, but one programme I can never miss is Doc Martin. starring Martin Clunes as the doc; never known to smile or show any kind of emotion except grumpiness.

The last in the series did not disappoint when it came to entertainment and that all-important cliff-hanger.

For those who may not have seen Doc Martin, I would describe it as a grown-up’s version of Postman Pat.

It is perfect Monday viewing and combines humour, sadness, eccentricity, and drama in equal measure.

Martin Clunes is fabulous as the doc, and while he may fail miserably at human relationships, you can’t deny that he is an amazing doctor; able to diagnose the most elaborate of diseases in just a two-minute consultation in his Port Wenn surgery.

He is funny of course, for all the wrong reasons; while some truly hilarious moments are provided by the village’s only policeman, Penhale and doc-obsessed chemist Mrs Tishell.

In this series Penhale has managed to get suspended in mid-air in a barn/hook mishap, while Mrs Tishell has returned to her post behind the chemist counter, after disclosing her unrequited love at the end of the last series.

One thing you can always rely on in Doc Martin is the up and down relationship between the doc and his now wife, Louisa.

This series has been no different, and by the end we were left wondering if there could really be a future between them.

Even though the doc is as miserable as they come, you can’t help but hope that they will one day find common ground and give it a go.

Now that it has finished for the year, my hubby and I will really miss it.

The gentle humour and beautiful scenery make such a nice change from the usual obnoxious programmes we are subjected to, and I only hope they’ll film a new series in the not-so-distant future.