Michelle Morgan: Cafe makes time travel possible

Michelle travelled back in time at the Blitz cafe in Kettering
Michelle travelled back in time at the Blitz cafe in Kettering

I’m pretty obsessed with everything from the 1920s to the 1950s.

And there are many times when I wish I could invent a time machine and head back to the ‘old days’ for a visit.

But while my ambitions to be Marty McFly have so far come to nothing, I think I’ve found the next best thing in a new café in Kettering called The Blitz.

The Blitz is a 1940s themed establishment and my parents, daughter and I all headed there last week.

We walked in and immediately we had gone back in time.

Everything was authentic-looking, from the teeny milk-bottles containing my daughter’s milkshake, all the way up to a ceiling that looks bombed; complete with planes overhead.

The staff were all dressed up in 1940s clothes and hairstyles (which must take forever to style) and the crockery and cutlery were all in the design of the 1940s too. It really was quite amazing.

One of the great things about going somewhere like this is that it provokes discussion about history.

While the owner turned on the sirens and then a tape of Winston Churchill giving an address, my daughter took the opportunity of asking my dad about the war.

“Granda, what was it like during World War II?” she asked. “Well, I wasn’t in the war,” he replied, meaning he was born afterwards.

“Oh,” my daughter exclaimed, “I imagine you must have fought in World War I then?” Needless to say, while my mum and I burst out laughing, my poor dad assured her that wasn’t the case.

The owner told me that he frequently has people visiting, who suffer from Alzheimer’s, and the theme of the café seems to comfort them in some way.

For myself, it reminded me of the décor of my great-grandparents’ houses back in the day and as someone who misses that era, I enjoyed going back in time very much and will look forward to doing it again.